My favorite coding podcasts

Who loves commuting? Nobody does. Luckily, I get to work from home a couple of days per week. The other days, I live close enough to Brussels not to lose over 1 hour on my way to work.

Recently, I started listening to coding podcasts during my commute. It took some time to get into this, but now I'm hooked. And it seems I'm not the only one:

Not all cookies and cream, but let me share my favorites:

Coder Radio

Coder Radio is tagged as "A weekly talk show taking a pragmatic look at the art and business of Software Development and related technologies."
And that's cutting it short.

In a lot of episodes, the hosts share their experiences with different programming languages (Rust, Clojure, F# anyone?) in a conversational style. They also take the time to answer remarks/questions from their listeners. But expect the conversations to diverge quickly. Memory management, career development, IDEs, iPad Pro ... Nobody knows where it's going, but surprisingly that's exactly what I like about it.

Software Engineering Daily

Jeff Meyerson, the host of Software Engineering Daily puts it like this:
"After every episode, you should feel like you are 1% better at understanding how software works."

Nearly every weekday, Jeff invites a guest to talk about a relatively specific topic. Think Kubernetes, NoSQL and Amazon EC2.

In a lot of episodes, the guest takes you through the history of the tool, package or whatever they're discussing. One of my favorites is the episode with Quincy Larson from FreeCodeCamp. If you're ever in need of an inspirational story, you've got one there!


Ever since Wes Bos sent me a pack of stickers and got me hooked on Javascript30, the man is synonimous with coding. Together with Scott Tolinski, he hosts "Syntax: A Tasty Treats Podcast for Web Developers". The focus is on front-end skills and frameworks but other topics might pop up on occasion.

Every month, there's a potluck episode, meaning they answer questions from listeners to the show. So don't be shy!

JS Party

"Welcome to JS Party, a weekly celebration of JavaScript and the web."

To be honest, I never listen to JS Party in the morning. It's faster and more energetic than the previous two. And I like a bit of morning zen when I'm in my car.

But the topics are always super interesting. And they usually bring in more people, which gives it a different dynamic. Oh and yes, obviously it's all Javascript-related. Luckily, there's more than enough to talk about when it comes to Javascript.

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