I've had it with Ubuntu

Don't get me wrong. I love Linux. I really do. You get nearly all of the OS oomph for free.

Ever since I started to get into programming, I've been running a dual-boot Windows 10 / Ubuntu. Besides the occasional Word or Excel usage, I don't remember ever choosing Windows on start-up. It seemed utterly stupid knowing we paid all those Windows license fees to Microsoft over the years. Because in the end, I don't think there is anything you could do on one platform, but not on the other. That works both ways.

But I'm sick of it. Sick and tired of endlessly running terminal commands to get some itty-bitty program working. Yeah, you heard me right Ubuntu. That means I don't understand you? I don't understand my car. But it takes me from A to B. And when I need a new windscreen wiper, I take off the old one and I plug in a new one.

Sure, sometimes it needs maintenance. I make an appointment in the garage and it takes me a couple of hours every year. Worst case, they accidentally made a small error and I have to return for another 30 minutes. Yes, I'm talking about Windows Update. Probably the single most hated feature of Windows. Updating without notice? Oh boy.

But Bill Gates' disciples aren't deaf:

  • In Windows 10, you can schedule your updates to only run at night. Infallible? Not really. Much smoother? Hell yeah.
  • Windows Defender has improved. A lot. Not as safe as Linux? If Ubuntu was as popular as Windows, vulnerability reports would be publicized at hyperspeed.
  • Windows Subsystem for Linux is gaining traction. Don't ask me how it works. But if I ever wanted to fiddle with Hyperledger Fabric again, I'd probably use this instead of configuring another dual boot.

So that's it. I'm joining the hordes who are rediscovering Windows. Am I completely convinced it's the right decision? Not yet, but right now, it feels like the only choice I have.

Love Linux and peace out!

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